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Bootstrap navbar variations

Featuring themes which contain useful and stylish Bootstrap navbar variations. Porto – Responsive HTML5 Template Jango | Highly Flexible Component Based HTML5 Template Tucson – Responsive HTML5 Template Epona The Project Flatize Canvas | The Multi-Purpose HTML5 Template Continal – Construction & Business WordPress Theme  

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Freebie: Sticky Bootstrap navbar on scroll for Bootstrap 4

The release of Bootstrap 4 will see the end of the affix plugin leaving developers & site builders needing to find an alternative for their fixed navbars and elements. We’ll be covering a complete solution in a future article but in the meantime we’ve put together a quick solution for Bootstrap 4 Sticky Navbars. Bootstrap

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Freebie: Bootstrap navbar with progressive collapse nav

If you’ve ever been to BBC.com you might have noticed their very neat main navigation menu at the top progressively collapses as the screen width changes. We took this inspiration and decided to see if we could make something similar with a Bootstrap navbar. The Inspiration & Motivation As we mentioned, we took inspiration for

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