Theme Review: Unify Bootstrap Theme

Unify Bootstrap Theme is one of the best selling Bootstrap theme out there so we decided to take a close look and find out why?

About Unify Bootstrap Theme

Unify Bootstrap Theme is maintained by HTMLStream and sold on where it has sold over 25000 copies!

The theme describes itself as a multi-purpose theme targeting all website types.

Intro over let’s take a close look!

Stand Out Features

Tonnes of pages & elements

Unify has over 300 example pages within the theme including 18 homepage options, blog pages, about pages, job pages, service pages, shop UI & more. It also includes a huge amount of UI elements including 20+ Header Options, 15 footer options, 1000s of icons, 10 colour schemes plus Dark/Light Skins, RTL support, Pricing Tables, contact forms and way way more.

The shire size of the theme bundle for just $18 makes it amazing value.

Premium Plugins

This is probably the cheapest way to get a whole bunch of premium plugins for your site. Unify contains a huge number of premium plugins including:

  • Cube Portfolio – value $16
  • Revolution Slider – value $14
  • Master Slider – value $17
  • Layer Slider – value $11
  • Sky Forms Pro – value $10

That’s $68 worth of plugins all included!

Tonnes of demos

This is the biggest selling point for us, Unify has tonnes of demo sites (45+ it claims) included in the bundle so you bound to find a demo you can use as a great starting point for your next projects.

We particularly like these demos:

Shop UI

Blog / Magazine UI

Regular Updates & Solid Support

The Unify creators have been very proactive with theme updates & adding new features which is great for customers to enhance their own sites & projects along side the theme.

In terms of support, you just need to look at the Unify theme comments page to see how solid the support is. Most questions seem to be answered within 24 hours!

Remember support & updates are free!

Newsletter Templates

This has become more and more popular with Premium Bootstrap themes to offer newsletter templates in the same style as the theme. This is a nice feature to business owners & marketeers who might send out mail shots.

Ease of use

Features & code aren’t everything however, when choosing a Premium Bootstrap theme you want to be sure it’s actually easy to use and build with. Fear not, Unify doesn’t disappoint in that department either, see below.


The documentation is very good and includes everything you need to know to hit the ground running your site build out.

It also includes lots of code snippets & a screenshot of the theme explaining the various page elements & structure.

Quick build challenge

With the help of the documentation we wanted to see how easy it was to quickly build out a simple homepage of our own using the Unify Bootstrap Theme. Our homepage consisted of the following elements:

  • Header / navigation
  • Slider
  • Services
  • Pricing table
  • Blog posts
  • Footer

Here’s what we did:

  • First of all we found a demo page that suited most of our needs (page_home14.html)
  • Then we copied that file (and renamed it) along with assets directory and pasted them into a new folder
  • Next we stripped out any elements we didn’t want & change some text
  • After stripping out what we didn’t want it was time to add in what we did want so we went through the theme & simple copy & pasted what we wanted from other pages into our page
  • We then changed the colours & logo to match our brand using a predefined CSS colour scheme & some custom CSS

The Result:

Time taken: 28mins
Page Building: 8/10
CSS Customisation: 8/10
TOTAL: 16/20

It took some getting used to but 28mins isn’t bad at all giving it was the first time we’d used the theme!


In short, it’s not hard to see why this theme has be bought over 25000 times since it was first launched back. The only downside is the lack of LESS or Sass files making it a bit harder to customise the CSS but this is more of an issue for developers than site builders. The regular updates, huge amount of demos & ease of use are the main selling points, it truly is a great platform to start your next project from.

Highly recommended!! Get Unify now!


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