Bootstrap 4 Development Update

It’s been nearly 5 months since the last Bootstrap 4 alpha (2) was released so a lot of you out there will be wondering WTF is going on & when will Bootstrap 4 be released!! Here’s a quick update from what we know.

What’s Taking So Long?

As developers we can tell that 5 months developing a framework even one with significant social contributions is not excessive especially given the fact that Bootstrap 3 is still being actively maintained along side the Bootstrap 4. Just compare the commits on the Bootstrap 3 master branch with the Bootstrap 4 development branch and you’ll see that Bootstrap 3 is definitely not getting left behind as Bootstrap 4 evolves.

The Bootstrap 3 release was significantly faster however, support for Bootstrap 2 was dropped so there was one less thing to focus one.

On paper, Bootstrap 4 might seems like a more straight forward upgrade than Bootstrap 2 to 3 was but there’s actually some pretty huge additions being rolled into Bootstrap 4 (see below) which take time to get right:

So stay patient there’s nothing stopping you use Bootstrap 4 already you just need to be prepare to hit a few bugs along the way. If you are a developer you can always jump into the issue queue and do some testing.

What’s been worked on?

As we outlined in our How to prepare for Bootstrap 4 post a great way to track development & Bootstrap 4 progress is to go to the issue queue and review the commits, labels, milestones & ship lists.

Since Bootstrap 4 Alpha 2 (at the time of writing) there had been 848 commits into the v4-dev development branch. Most notable changes planned for Bootstrap 4 Alpha 3 are:

  • Inclusion for _custom.scss & documentation to make it easier for variable overrides
  • Renamed .btn--outline classes to .btn-outline- & .card--outline classes to .card-outline-.
  • .pager has been dropped in favour of using .btn-outline-* & float classes
  • .center-block has been dropped in favour of using .m-x-auto
  • New $enable-print-styles variable for Sass to control whether default print styling is included.
  • Cards now support tab and pill navigations in card headers.
  • New .w-100 classes for setting 100% widths
  • New “display” classes for setting CSS display properties: .d-block, .d-inline-block, .d-inline

You can checkout the Bootstrap 4 Alpha 3 ship list for more.

So when will Bootstrap 4 be release?

This is a tricky one to predict but I’d expect the next Alpha to be released very soon once the navbar is more stable. From there, there are still 400+ issues remaining for the v4 branch but that doesn’t mean all will be included.

The upshot is a longer development & release process could mean fewer updated once the official release is out, for some like theme developers this would be a big plus!

That’s all for now.

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