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Best Bootstrap Themes

Bootstrap has very quickly become the most popular starting point for building the front-end of websites. The free framework is so easy to use that thousands of templates have been made that are built upon it. We’ve narrowed them down to bring you the best Bootstrap templates.

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The absolute best Bootstrap tutorials list

Learning Bootstrap can feel like an uphill struggle but as we’ve said before it can be made simpler by selecting the right resources and approach. The internet is jammed back with Bootstrap tutorials and resources but finding the best one can be tricky especially for beginners who might be new to the terminology used. So

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Bootstrap 4 form fields with tooltips

In this tutorial/freebie we’ll show you how to add slick tooltips to display help text to users when they hover form fields. This can be a great way of saving space on long forms. Live Demo Free Download First up Tooptips were added to Bootstrap a few years back so are not a new feature,

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Bootstrap navbar variations

Featuring themes which contain useful and stylish Bootstrap navbar variations. Porto – Responsive HTML5 Template Jango | Highly Flexible Component Based HTML5 Template Tucson – Responsive HTML5 Template Epona The Project Flatize Canvas | The Multi-Purpose HTML5 Template Continal – Construction & Business WordPress Theme  

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Best Bootstrap Hosting

We’ve had a lot of emails in the past few months asking which web hosting companies we recommend to use for Bootstrap so here’s a list of our favourite Bootstrap hosting options 1. Bluehost Skill level: beginner to intermediate level Pricing range: from $3.95/month Recommended plan: Plus: $6.95/month including free domain & unlimited email accounts

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Bootstrap 4 button gradients

Love them or hate them Bootstrap button gradients are well and truly a thing of the past! Well not anymore! Here’s a small Bootstrap button pack with a selection of gradient styles, completely FREE. Bootstrap Button Gradients Demo Free Download Introduces 5 new Bootstrap button gradient styles for you to use in your sites: .btn-grad-y-*:

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Bootstrap 4 button customisation

Bootstrap 4 is on the way and will see two significant changes to the Bootstrap buttons: There’s now an outline variation of Bootstrap button with a hollow inside LESS is now Sass so new Bootstrap button mixins In this post we’ll look at some basic Bootstrap 4 button customisation techniques using Sass and CSS. Live

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