Top 10 Handpicked Bootstrap Themes For Your Project

Bootstrap CSS framework has too many great features to neglect it. It's easy to get started, it has a great grid system, it has a base styling for most HTML elements, bundled Java Script plugins etc. Apart from that, most of the Bootstrap templates have a great design, and these features all together make it a great choice for your project.

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Where should you get Bootstrap templates from? How to find a provider who will back you up, refund in case you're not satisfied with a product? Usually, the most popular template providers do this for you. However, how should you choose between them?

One of the greatest options is choosing the oldest template provider TemplateMonster which creates sleek Bootstrap templates. These guys have been on the market for almost 15 years already, and last year they got into Top-3 template providers on the Web on TrustPilot. They offer more than 27,000 various designs, among which there are WordPress,Joomla, OpenCart templates and many more.One of the biggest advantages of this template provider is their 24/7 support and a lifetime updates. Regardless of when you have a problem with your website, they will solve in immediately.

Because TemplateMonster is so much appreciated by the customers, we have decided to create a list of the best Bootstrap themes from this company.

Intense - Multipurpose Website Template

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This is a multipurpose Bootstrap template which has various skins and lets your imagination go beyond the limits - with this design, you'll be able to create a successful project, not being limited by only 1 design. Having an almost endless number of header and footer variations, it is eCommerce ready and can be used for any niche project.

BBQ Restaurant

BBQ Restaurant Responsive Website Template

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An unusual design of this template grabs your attention immediately. A layout which places appetizing imagery the most efficient way, the clean fonts and the color combination make it a great option for a BBQ project.


Trucking website template

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The design of this trucking template is based on overlapping design elements. Its contact form will help you connect with your customers sooner, Google map will help them know your location. Don't forget that your project will reach its audience on any devices. Regardless of they are using to open your website - the template is reponsive and will look on any screen size perfectly well.

Environmental Biotechnology

Environmental Biotechnology Website Template

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Solar energy web design imply to have a lot of space. A full-width image makes showcasing the best images of your project better, a testimonials section help your project look trustworthy, and a blog will reassure those customers who haven't made their decision yet.

Business Company

Business Company Website Template

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For those who are looking for a serious-looking website which also looks inspiring, this business template may come in handy. Create a responsive corporate website which will look well on any screen sizes and be different from all other similar projects. Use its joyful color combination and an intuitive layout for a great user experience.

Child Charity

Child Charity Responsive Website Template

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Have a look at this web design and see how it could perform for your charity website. The muted color of the background images make it look dramatic.

Software Company

Software Company Website Template

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If you have a lot of data which you need to be represented visually, you may consider using this web design. Tell your customers the prices,let them know which services exactly you offer and make their rexperience as sleek as possible. With a design like this, it's easy.

Williams College

Education Responsive Website Template

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Apart from a good design and powerful image presenation, educational websites need to look persuading. This is reached by telling their statistics, letting their readers know about all the updates, keeping them tuned for the new courses and perspectives that open before them. Creating an educational website with this template guarantees you a sleek online presence.

Tattoo Salon

Tattoo Salon Responsive Website Template

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Having a dark tattoo website is keeping a tradition. Scrolling down, a website visitor will stumble upon a contact form, which raises the chances for a conversion significantly. Make choosing a tattoo master easier for them.

Event Planner

Event Planner Responsive Website Template

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Event planning require unusual designs. You need to stand out,the design of your website needs to stand out. This is when you could use this template. Diagonal lines spice up the geometry of the template, a combination of dark and bright colors make it look appealing. Don't miss out on the possibility to create a successful event planning project!

Hopefully, these 10 Bootstrap themes have served you as inspiration for your project. Choose any of them and create the websites that you will be proud of!

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